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To Travel Without A Map

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Life for us takes place in a world and whirl full of knowns and unknowns, answers and mysteries, beliefs and doubts, myths and rumors, the mundane and the days of storm. Each of us experiences in our way the same things --we love, we fear, we hope, we dream, we face tragedy and personal defeat, we discover joy and fulfillment. Through it all we find that life is a dance. It is, the author believes, what living is all about-trying to learn the steps to the dance. In this, K.A. Brace's first collection of poetry, To Travel Without a Map, he has tried to make some sense of those steps we must learn and to the dance.

City Scratch-off Map : London

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This portable scratch-off maps transforms a trip through the city into a scavenger hunt to 30 of its most popular destinations. As travelers make their way to an attraction, they scratch to reveal fun facts and activities that lead to new discoveries and must-see highlights. With vibrant full-color artwork and text by the author of the bestselling City Walks decks, Christina Henry de Tessan, these unique maps lead travelers on a sightseeing adventure packed with fun for all ages.

About the Author

Christina Henry de Tessan is the author of several travel books and decks on cities including Paris, San Francisco, London, and New York.

Towards A New Map Of Africa

RRP $272.99

'The big, era-defining questions and, at last, the subtle, tenable answers, teased out without clich or compromise. A vital volume at a critical moment.' Dr Augustus Casely-Hayford, Director, Africa '05 'This book dispels the myth of a uniformly hopeless, hungry continent. It shows just how extraordinarily diverse Africa is and how much it has changed in the last 20 years. Full of fresh thinking on problems that face Africa and new African approaches to development.' Richard Dowden, Director, Royal African Society This ground-breaking book, with a foreword by former President of Ireland (1990 1997) and UN Human Rights Commissioner (1997 2002) Mary Robinson, uniquely distils the complex issues surrounding Africa at the beginning of the 21st century. African and Western scholars provide a fascinating 'map' for the reader to navigate between issues such as urban and rural livelihoods, the potential of fresh water fishing, health, the HIV/AIDS crisis, conflict and efforts at peacemaking. Also included are critical assessments of Africa's role in the global economy, the growth of regional economic cooperation within Africa, the influence of ethnicity on the continent's politics, the evolution of its political institutions, and the impact of Africa's legal systems on its development. A substantial introductory essay by the editors measures the distance Africa has travelled and the lessons it has learned since Africa in Crisis, the classic Earthscan book, was published in 1985. Ben Wisner is visiting research fellow at DESTIN, London School of Economics and at Benfield Hazard Research Centre, University College London, and visiting professor of environmental studies, Oberlin College, USA. Camilla Toulmin is Director of the International Institute for Environment and Development. Rutendo Chitiga is a freelance writer and editor, and has a postgraduate degree in environment and development.

Memoirs Of A Reluctant Traveller

RRP $66.99

Sudesh Mishra was born in Suva, Fiji, and took his doctorate from the Flinders University of South Australia in 1989. He received the Harri Jones Memorial Prize (1988) for his published verse, including his first collection Rahu (1987). He has since published a second volume, Tandava (1992), a passionate indictment of the 1987 coup in Fiji. He has also edited Trapped: A Collection of Writing from Fiji (1992, with Seona Smiles) and recently made his debut as both playwright and actor with Ferringhi. Mishra is working on a new book of verse, a second play and a novel set in post-coup Fiji.

Road Maps

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Road Maps is an anthology of poetry and short prose essays written over a number of years. The subject matter is the road to self-awareness and self-acceptance, and the poems and essays are the road maps. The subjects of the poems are drawn from the author's wide interests, including her home in Prince Edward Island, the time she spent in the United States and her two sojourns at Harlaxton Manor in England.


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